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Indoor Air Quality Products by Aprilaire

High-Efficiency Air Cleaner
Installed in your heating/cooling duct system, central air cleaners with sophisticated filtering capabilities have become the accepted way to improve indoor air quality. And the Aprilaire High-Efficiency Air Cleaner has proven to be the perfect, practical solution for whole house use.

Absolutely silent operation, minimal maintenance, and 99% efficiency on pollen and spores, has made Aprilaire the clean air choice throughout North America. In addition to providing protection for your heating and cooling equipment, the Aprilaire Air Cleaner provides your family with clean air throughout your home. A pollutant-trapping, equipment-protecting Aprilaire Air Cleaner will turn your furnace and air conditioner into a clean air system.

In fact, your home’s furnishings will last longer. Carpeting and upholstered furniture will stay cleaner and last longer. Draperies will need cleaning less often and will last longer. Walls will stay cleaner and require less frequent painting, cleaning, and papering. All this means less work for you.

Automatic Humidifier
Aprilaire humidifiers have always set the standard in humidification. With the introduction of the revolutionary Aprilaire Automatic Humidifier, the standard has been raised again. Computer-equipped, it automatically adjusts to ensure the optimum level of indoor humidification.

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